Cornwall dual needs staff survey

Welcome to this survey. It is intended for managers of homelessness, mental health, substance use and other related services as agreed by partners in each innovation area.

There are many definitions of "dual needs" and "dual diagnosis". For the purpose of this survey we are using the locally agreed definition as follows:

  • Homeless people: in hostel and supported accommodation; rough sleepers; those in hospital who are waiting to be discharged
  • Dual need – those with co-existing mental health and substance use regardless of diagnosis

The survey is intended to map local provision, identify barriers to accessing and using services, awareness of services, and current good practice.

We are keen to hear from as many services as possible so please do forward this link to any additional people who you think may be able to assist.

Some of the questions are aimed at specific types of service: if any of the questions are not relevant to you, you can mark as n/a or skip the question, but please do continue to the end of the survey and fill in any which you can. The more information we get the better – there is space for comments at the end if you have views not captured elsewhere on the survey.

If you have any trouble completing this survey, please contact Joanne Thomas who will assist.